Stephen - El Profe
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for those of you in the
Washington DC area
that want to:
Learn how to dance Rueda (also known as Salsa Casino).
Learn Rueda fast, without it taking two years and 
without costing $1,000 ($10/class for two years = $1,000).
Learn Rueda in a friendly, positive and encouraging environment.
Have tons of fun while you're learning Rueda.
Dance lots and lots of Rueda in class
with the music turned on!!!
Lock in the moves through many, many repetitions,
with the music turned on!!!
Meet terrific people and practice with many different people.
Connect with fellow students at clubs & parties to dance Salsa & Rueda.
Avoid the rejection we all experience at the clubs from time to time.
Incorporate Cuban-style rueda moves into your partner dancing.
Interact with a large number of people who love Salsa and Rueda.
Join a unique group of salseros that can dance salsa in a group!
Participate in Rueda performances in the Washington DC area.
Dance Rueda anywhere in the world.
¡Dios mio, que viva la salsa!
Estiven - Director
Call Stephen at: 202-587-5647
Rueda!  Salsa Casino! 
  Salsa group dancing!

Two couples... seven couples... thirty couples...
any number of couples,
dancing Salsa in a circle, executing Salsa moves
and dynamically exchanging partners!
What a great way to dance salsa and have fun!

What a great way to learn salsa!
Learn dozens, even hundreds, of salsa moves.  
Practice them repeatedly while you dance rueda in class. 
Incorporate Rueda moves into your
partner dancing at the clubs. 
Dance Rueda at clubs & parties with your friends.
Dancing Rueda at clubs!!  Wepa!!
    ¡Oye! A bailar
Rueda y Salsa
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Call Stephen at: 202-587-5647
SalsaApache video clip
See more video clips on the Classes and The Group pages
RuedaUSA Dancers
(see list of moves below left)
Moves called in the video clip:
Dame (various), Vacilala, La de Arriba con
Montana, Pelota Loca, Dame Dos, Siete con
Coca Cola, Siete Moderno, Enchufa Doble,
Izquierda Doble, 3-Way Stop, Suena, Una
Bulla, & Uno y Dos.

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Classes Suspended
September 2009 
Dear all:
My consulting business here in Washington DC has expanded to the point where I am unable to commit to the kind of fixed schedule required to teach Rueda on a consistent basis.  Therefore, after 6 wonderful years of teaching Rueda every week at various locations throughout greater Washington, I've reluctantly decided to suspend RuedaUSA's classes.  I will miss teaching Rueda. I will miss interacting with all of you.  I cannot, however, pass up recent opportunities to build my business.  I appreciate your understanding.
Best regards,
Steve "El Profe" Denlinger